Photography Competitions

The Best Photography Competitions Across the World

Photography has always been considered as one of the best hobbies. To turn an ordinary photograph into a masterpiece, a photographer needs to be highly creative, extremely patient and must see life in everything around him. Photography is one of the most creative activities both professionally and recreationally. Photography is not just clicking photos of real-life people. There are almost 15 different types of photography, and each one of them requires special training and expertise. For example, a person who is trained in candid photography might not work for architectural photography. Each type demands a different level of expertise from the photographer. Since photography is an art and each photograph is something that has to be treasured, award ceremonies that honor the best photographers across the world are held. The competitions happen both on national and international platforms. So listed here are some of the renowned competitions that take place around the world:

Photography Competitions

Top 5 Photography Contests:

Pictures of the Year International:

Professionals who belong to documentary photography, photojournalism, visual editing and online media can take part in this contest. More than 50000 applications are submitted every year from more than 70 nations.  Every year about 240 winners are selected from different categories by a panel of 17 judges.

World Press Photo:

World Press Photo is an independent not for profit organization founded in the year 1955. The event happens every year, and the entries of the winners are listed in a book. World Press Photo publishes this book in 6 different languages. They also provide classes for a selected group of budding talents. They cover almost every aspect of photography which includes Spot News, General News, People, Sports, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Portraits, and Nature.

Sony Photography Awards:

More than a decade of partnership with the World Photography Organisation, the Sony Photography Awards hosts its programs in four different segments. Participants accordingly participate in any one of the segments for which they are found eligible. The four segments are Professional, Open, Youth and Student Focus. Sony Photography Awards is considered as one among the prestigious photography awards across the globe.

Istanbul Photo Awards:

The cash price of this contest is fixed at $8000. It is a new photojournalism competition which is organized by AndalouAgnecy. Though it has not reached far, the price amount is huge. This makes the competition as one of the top-notch competitions across the international platforms. The photos of the winners are exhibited in different places like Shangai, Izmir, Ankara, and Antalya.

Alexia Foundation Grants:

The Alexia Foundation Grants are quite different when compared to other contests and award shows on the list. Alexia Foundation Grants are working towards helping photographers who want to make a difference in the way the society works through photography. Making a difference is something that requires money along with talent. This is where this contest comes in. All that you need to be a part of this contest is that you should have good photographic skills and must be willing to use it for a social cause. The winner will be funded to realize his or her dream.

All these contests are in no particular order. There is nothing you are going to lose by participating in these awards. Most of these awards do not even demand entry fee. So there are only two options, win the competition and bag the cash prize or get back home

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